(a)   No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged into the sewer system any industrial wastes except upon application to the Sanitary Board and upon receipt of a written permit therefor.  An industrial waste permit shall be in addition to any other permit required for connection to the sewer system.  There is no fee required for an industrial waste permit.
   (b)   Any person desiring to make or use a connection to the sewer system through which industrial wastes will be discharged into the sewer system shall file with the Board an industrial wastes questionnaire, to be furnished by the Village, which shall supply pertinent data, including estimated quantity, flow characteristics and constituents, with respect to the industrial wastes.
   (c)   Any person who discharges industrial wastes into the sewer system, when required by the Board, shall construct and thereafter properly maintain at his own expense, a suitable and accessible control manhole and other devices as may be approved by the Board to facilitate observation, accurate measurement and sampling by the Board of industrial waste discharges.
   (d)   Any improved property discharging industrial wastes into the sewer system and contemplating a change in the method of operation which will alter the characteristics and/or volumes of wastes at the time being discharged into the sewer system shall notify the Board, in writing, at least sixty days prior to consummation of such change.  The Board reserves the right to require improved properties having large variations in rates of waste discharge to install suitable regulating devices for equalizing waste flows to the sewer system.
   (e)   The governing body reserves the right to impose surcharges on sewer user charges and/or impose other requirements in connection with any high-strength or industrial waste discharged into the sewer system by agreement with the owner of the improved property, in accordance with the methods described in this article or by modification or alterations to this article as may be acceptable to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, and/or require the pretreatment of such industrial waste at the expense of such owner.
(Ord.  2007-06. Passed 7-17-07.)