(a)   The Board shall have the right of access at reasonable times to any part of any improved property served by the sewer system as shall be required for purposes of maintenance, inspection, measurement, sampling and testing and for the performance of other functions relating to service rendered by the Village through the sewer system.
   (b)   Every employee of the Village whose duties require him to enter the premises of a customer shall carry on his person identification as an employee or representative of the Village.
   (c)   The Board and other duly authorized employees are authorized to obtain information concerning industrial processes which have a direct bearing on the kind and source of discharge to the sewer system.
   (d)   The Board or other duly authorized employees of the Village bearing proper identification shall be permitted to enter all private properties through which the Village holds an easement for the purpose of, but not limited to, inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, repair and maintenance of any portion of the wastewater facilities lying within such easement.  All entry and subsequent work shall be done in full accordance with the terms of the easement pertaining to the private property involved.
(Ord.  2007-06. Passed 7-17-07.)