(a)   Sewer user charges or related charges imposed by ordinance shall be in lien on the improved property connected to and served by the sewer system; and any such sewer user charges or other charges which are delinquent for a period of thirty days shall, together with a penalty of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month and a reasonable attorney's fee, be filed as a lien against the improved property and premises so connected to and served by the sewer system, which lien may be filed in the office of the Clerk of the County Commission and may be collected in the same manner now provided by law for the enforcement of tax liens on real property.  Such liens shall be of equal dignity, rank and priority with a lien on such premises for State, County, school and Municipal taxes.
   (b)   At the discretion of the Village, it may request that the water service to any improved property be shut off for nonpayment of sewer user charges if the bill for sewer user charges is delinquent for a period of fifty days and such owner receives twenty-four hour notice from the Village of the intention to shut off the water supply, provided such action is not in violation of any rules of the State Public Service Commission or Department of Health.  In such event, water service shall not be restored until the owner of the improved property has paid all delinquent user charges to the Village, plus the then appropriate charge for the reinstallment of the water meter and opening of the water service line.
(Ord.  2007-06. Passed 7-17-07.)