The Village Recorder shall be the chief custodian of all Municipal documents and records of the Village, except as otherwise specified in this Charter.  He or she shall perform all duties and functions required of the Recorder by this Charter or by general law or rule necessarily implied therefrom in order to carry out the functions of his or her office.  The recorder shall employ such clerical assistants as may be authorized by the Council from time to time in order to perform the duties of the office with reasonable dispatch and efficiency.  The Village Recorder shall establish and maintain an orderly system for filing and archiving the Village's records in secure containers; shall prepare Village letters, correspondence, and other official documents of the Village; shall be, ex officio, a member of the Village Council with all powers and privileges inherent in such membership; shall act as the certifying officer of the Village with respect to all official documents of the Village requiring such certification; shall be the custodian of the corporate seal of the Village of Barboursville; and shall serve, as provided by this Charter, as Acting Mayor, during temporary absences of the Mayor.