The following procedures shall be utilized in considering the sale of small parcels of real property valued at less than one thousand dollars ($1,000), such as so-called "paper alleys", owned by the Village.
   (a)   The prospective buyer of a parcel of real property owned by the Village shall, as a prerequisite to a sale and conveyance of such property, provide the Village with a current professional property appraisal, by a Village selected appraiser, as well as a metes and bounds survey and map which adequately describes the property in question.  The property, if sold, should be sold at its appraised value plus the cost of appraisal, but in no event shall the sale price be less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) and the cost of the appraisal shall be an additional amount due the Village from the prospective buyer.
   (b)   Each proposed sale of Village real property shall be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If two or more parties are interested in purchasing the same parcel of property, and the parties cannot agree between themselves as to the division or sale of the property, the property shall not be sold to any party at that time.
   A request for the purchase of such a parcel of real property shall be made to Council.  Council, in considering such request, shall give great weight to potential public use of the property, shall submit such request to the Planning Commission and shall cause the matter to be given public notice, as a Class I legal advertisement, the cost to be borne by the prospective purchaser.
   The guidelines of this section are in addition to any other limitations or requirements imposed on the sale of municipally owned real property, contained in either Village or State statutes, including West Virginia Code 8-11-3(6) and 8-12-18.
(Ord. 91-04.  Passed 7-16-91.)