(a)   Actions; Reports; Allocation of Proceeds.  The Director of Finance shall, every six months, sell at public auction, at the front door of City Hall or some other place designated by him, all property of every kind and character, abandoned and recovered by the Police Department and to which no claim has been made by anyone entitled to the possession thereof.  None of the property described in this section shall be sold within thirty days after the same has been recovered.  No separate item of property of value of more than fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be sold unless the time, place and date of such sale, together with a brief description of such property, shall first have been published as a Class I legal advertisement.  The Director of Finance shall make a full and complete report of all such sales to the Mayor and Council and shall pay the proceeds thereof to the General Fund, provided that these auction provisions shall not apply to United States currency.
   (b)   Disposition of Material Evidence.  Any property which has been recovered or held as evidence in a criminal case shall be disposed of in accordance with the applicable provisions of State law.
   (c)   Destruction of Property Not Disposed Of.  Any property held for one year and not sold or disposed of as prescribed above shall be destroyed by an officer of the Police Department, who shall be designated by the Chief of Police and who shall make a full and complete report to the Mayor and Council.
(Ord. 91-04.  Passed 7-16-91.)