(a)   Name or Number to be Displayed.
      (1)   All Village-owned motor vehicles and mobile equipment shall be plainly marked with the name "Village of Barboursville" or number of such motor vehicle or piece of mobile equipment.  Such lettering or marking shall be of a conspicuous color and the letters thereof shall be not less than two inches high and not less than one inch wide and shall follow a general pattern or type of lettering as designated by each department head upon approval of the Mayor.
      (2)   All cruiser cars and motor vehicles or mobile equipment used by the Police Department shall also be marked, except those vehicles that are operated by the Detective Bureau and used by the Department for detective or secret work, which shall be marked on the inside of the motor vehicle on the instrument panel or other appropriate place plainly visible to persons in such automobile, with lettering similar to that required in subsection (a) hereof.
      (3)   The Mayor is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to change, alter or omit any of the provisions of this section at his discretion, when in his opinion, it is to the best interest of the Village to do so.
   (b)   To be Used on Village Business Only.  No Village-owned motor vehicle or piece of mobile equipment shall be used except on business of the Village, unless authorized by the Mayor.
   (c)   Qualified Operator.  All motor vehicles shall be driven by a qualified operator for that piece of equipment as designed by the department head.