*   Editors Note: herein is the Charter of the Village of Bald Head Island, N.C., being chapter 324 of the Session Laws of 1997, as adopted by the General Assembly on July 24, 1997, and effective on the same date. Amendments to the original Charter are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the provision remains unchanged from the original Charter. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings, catchlines and citations to state statutes has been used. Additions made for clarity are indicated by brackets.
   State Law References: laws supplementary to charters, G.S. 160A-3.
Article I. Incorporation, Corporate Powers, and Boundaries
Sec. 1.1. Incorporation.
Sec. 1.2. Powers.
Sec. 1.3. Corporate Boundaries.
Article II. Governing Body
Sec. 2.1. Village Governing Body; Composition.
Sec. 2.2. Village Council; Composition; Terms of Office.
Sec. 2.3. Mayor; Term of Office; Duties.
Sec. 2.4. Mayor Pro Tempore.
Sec. 2.5. Meetings.
Sec. 2.6. Quorum; Voting Requirements.
Sec. 2.7. Qualifications for Office; Compensation; Vacancies.
Article III. Elections
Sec. 3.1. Regular Municipal Elections.
Sec. 3.2. Election of Mayor and Councilmembers.
Sec. 3.3. Special Elections and Referenda.
Article IV. Organization and Administration
Sec. 4.1. Form of Government.
Sec. 4.2. Village Manager; Appointment; Powers and Duties.
Sec. 4.3. Manager's Personnel Authority; Role of Elected Officials.
Sec. 4.4. Village Attorney.
Sec. 4.5. Village Clerk.
Sec. 4.6. Tax Collector.
Sec. 4.7. Finance Director.
Sec. 4.8. Other Administrative Officers and Employees.
Article V. Finance and Taxation
Sec. 5.1. Room Occupancy and Tourism Development Tax.
Article VI. Contract Post Office
Sec. 6.1. Contract Post Office.
Article VII. "No Wake" Speed Zone
Sec. 7.1. "No Wake" Speed Zone.
Article VIII. Miscellaneous
Sec. 8.1. Motorboat Operation.
Sec. 8.2. Sand Dunes.
Sec. 8.3. Beach Regulation.
Article IX. Phased Development Plan
Sec. 9.1. Phased Development Plan.
Sec. 9.2. Vested Rights.
Sec. 9.3. Alteration of Vested Rights.
Sec. 9.4. Land Use Regulation.
Article X. Motor Vehicle Regulation
Sec. 10.1. Motor Vehicle Regulation.
Sec. 10.2. Street Regulation.
Article XI. Sea Turtle Sanctuary
Sec. 11.1. Sea Turtle Sanctuary.