(a)    One member of the Commission shall hold an appointed seat on the Architectural Board of Review and act as liaison between the two bodies.
   (b)    All members should have, to the highest extent possible, a recognized knowledge of and a known interest in the historic preservation together with a determination to work in support of the stated purpose and duties of the Commission. The City shall make every effort to assure that at least two members shall be preservation-related professional members from the fields of architecture, architectural history, history, archeology, planning or a related discipline. In the event that fewer than two members of the Commission meet the above professional standing, resident or nonresident staff members shall be appointed to advise the Commission as needed. In addition, one member of the Commission shall be a member of The Aurora Historical Society.
   (c)    Each member of the Landmark Commission shall have been a resident of this City for not less than three years prior to their appointment to the Commission, and shall continue to reside in the City during their term in office.
(Ord. 2012-056.  Passed 5-14-12.)