(a)   Basic Procedure:
It is understood by affected employees of the City of Aurora that any authorized changes, additions and/or deletions regulated by the DOT will become effective immediately as part of this policy. All affected personnel will be notified, in writing, of these changes, additions and/or deletions.
   (b)   Additional Procedures:
      (1)   All time spent administering an Alcohol and/or Controlled Substance Test, including travel time, will be paid at the employee's regular rate of pay, or at their overtime rate, if applicable. Any employee who is not allowed to return to work while awaiting test results will be compensated during the waiting period for all work time lost, including overtime, if applicable. The City of Aurora shall pay all costs associated with the administration of alcohol and drug tests. Once a positive test is reported, the employee must utilize all available sick leave, vacation time, and other leaves as stipulated by the contract.
      (2)   An employee who tests positive for illegal use of any drug or alcohol as a first offense may be subject to progressive discipline that may include suspension for thirty (30) calendar days without pay. The employee shall be referred to a counseling or rehabilitation program. Employees who are suspended must show proof of ongoing cooperation with the recommendations of the counseling and rehabilitation program; failure to comply will result in termination.
   (c)   Employee Forms:
The following forms shall be the forms provided to all covered employees, and it shall be required that they fully review these forms, sign them where appropriate, and return them to the Employer:
The City of Aurora
DOT Driver Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy:
   Statement of Policy: The City of Aurora has a responsibility to its employees to provide a safe workplace and responsibility to the public to ensure that their safety and trust in the City of Aurora are protected. To accomplish that goal, the City of Aurora cannot condone and will not tolerate the abuse of controlled substances and/or alcohol.
   The purpose of this policy and guidelines is to reduce highway accidents that result from driver use of controlled substances and/or alcohol, thereby reducing fatalities, injuries and property damage.
   This policy outlines the minimum Federal Safety Standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to detect and deter the use of controlled substances (Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and phencyclidine (PCP) and/or alcohol).
   The City of Aurora intends to give individuals suffering from chemical dependencies (i.e. drug dependency) and/or alcohol abuse the same consideration it does to other individuals having other diseases. In the case of abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, the City of Aurora will use progressive disciplinary measures. These measures will motivate the employee to seek assistance, and will, through its Employee Assistance Program, direct said individuals to the appropriate resources that have been identified in the community. Contractual benefits such as sick leave and the group medical plan, are available to aid in the rehabilitation process. If given the nature of the infraction (for example, sale or distribution to other employees or causing a fatality while operating a motor vehicle), or the employee's position is one that requires under law a zero threshold for certain employment and, in certain cases, other sanctions as provided for under the law. The testing of employees for drugs and/or alcohol is an effective way to identify those in need of counseling, treatment, or disciplinary action. The testing program is intended to supplement, not replace, other means by which the use of drugs and/or alcohol can be detected.
1.   You have received a copy of the City of Aurora drug/alcohol policy statement.
2.   You have read the City of Aurora drug/alcohol policy statement and you have been informed of its content.
3.   You agree to abide by the City of Aurora drug/alcohol policy in all respects.
4.   You understand that a positive pre-employment DOT test will result in employment being denied.
5.   You further understand that the applicant who tests positive will be allowed to reapply for future employment with the City of Aurora only upon showing proof that he/she has successfully completed a rehabilitation program.
Employee's Signature            Signature of Witness
Receipt of City of Aurora DOT Driver Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy:
   I acknowledge receipt of my copy of the City of Aurora "DOT Driver Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy" and have read and understand its content.
   I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to be familiar with the terms of this Policy and Procedure.
   I further agree to abide by the City of Aurora "DOT Driver Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy" in all respects.
   I further acknowledge that this form will be placed in my personnel file for future reference if necessary.
   I acknowledge being provided training and/or viewing training films:
_____   1.   One hour mandated DOT training for all Drivers
_____   2.   Two hour mandated DOT training for all Supervisors
_____   3.   One hour video of mandated DOT training for all Drivers
_____   4.   Two hour video of mandated DOT training for all Supervisors
Employee's Signature                  Date
Manager Signature                     Date
(Ord. 1995-215. Passed 12-18-95.)