(a)   Amphetamines.
   (b)   Marijuana.
   (c)   Cocaine
   (d)   Opiates.
   (e)   Phencyclidine.
   (f)   Alcohol.
   (g)   Detection thresholds consistent with the available technology and consistent with the pre-employment screening thresholds have been established for each of the groups shown above. These detection thresholds will be used uniformly in the interpretation of all post accident drug/alcohol screens. In all cases, the testing will be initially subjected to a screening analysis utilizing FDA approved drug screening reagents and/or Federally approved alcohol testing procedures. In the event that a specimen produces a level above the detection threshold, the specimen will then be subjected to a second level confirmation procedure utilizing gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy and/or Federally approved alcohol confirmation testing procedures. If, and only if, both the screen and the GC/MS are positive and/or the initial and confirmation alcohol tests are positive at or above their respective detection thresholds will the drug and/or alcohol test(s) be considered positive. In the event that the confirmation test(s) fail to confirm the findings of the original screen procedure, the test(s) will be reported as non-detectable, i.e. negative.
(Ord. 1995-215. Passed 12-18-95.)