(a)    The position of Secretary to the Mayor is hereby established.
   (b)    Such position shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by Council and any person when so appointed and confirmed shall be subject to dismissal and removal from the position at any time by the Mayor.
   (c)    The Secretary to the Mayor shall perform the duties in connection with the operation of the City as shall from time to time be designated by the Mayor.
(Ord. 1955-184. Passed 9-19-55.)
   (d)    The Secretary to the Mayor shall receive reimbursement for all travel expense incurred as a necessary part of the performance of the duties of such position at the rate provided for employees under Chapter 161, for automobile travel and in an amount equal to the actual required travel expenditure for any and all types of necessary travel.
(Ord. 1957-215. Passed 1-21-57.)