(a)    Upon direct retirement from the City of Aurora employment, non-union employees working a normal forty (40) hour average work week with accumulated sick leave shall receive, at the per diem rate in effect at the time of retirement, the lesser of the equivalent of seven hundred twenty (720) hours of pay or the following formula:
Accumulated sick leave hours multiplied by 0.25 multiplied by 0.10 multiplied by the number of years in the service of the City of Aurora. If service to the City of Aurora equals or exceeds fifteen (15) years, then 0.12 will be used in place of the 0.10 in the calculation.
   (b)    Proof of retirement must be established prior to payment of accumulated sick leave pay. It is the responsibility of the retiree to furnish said proof to the City Director of Finance or the Director's designee. The minimum proof accepted is an actual physical presentation of the first and second retirement checks or direct deposit slips from the applicable retirement system. This will be a lump sum payment.
   (c)    A retiree may find it necessary to return to a state of non-retirement, partial retirement or part-time work with the City. In this event, the person involved may not claim for use or use any part of the unused sick leave in effect at the time of retirement. If a retiree is re-hired by the City in any capacity, and did not cash out accumulated sick leave pursuant to 161.11, the individual's sick leave balance shall start over as if the individual is a new employee.  (Ord. 2019-085.  Passed 6-24-19.)