All applications for building permits for new structures other than accessory structures  shall include a topographical site plan prepared by a surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Ohio.  The site plan shall be prepared on a sheet 11" x 17" in size, at a nominal scale of 1" = 10', 1" = 20' or 1" = 30' and, generally, shall include the following:
   (a)   Plan date, survey date, scale, direction of north, names of: property owner; development; and builder, sublot or permanent parcel number, building front and side setback dimensions and name certification and registration seal of the surveyor.
   (b)   As required elsewhere in this code (Section 1109.02(c)), the site plan is to also include a survey of the subject lot or parcel.  Survey information shall include the bearing and length of all property lines, all record or proposed easements and, survey monuments found or set.
   (c)   All topographical survey data shall be done to the datum of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  A description of the "source" bench mark is to be shown.  A suitable "site" bench mark (TBM) is to be established on or near the subject lot and shown on the plan.
   (d)   Existing site topography is to be shown for the subject lot and is to extend a minimum of twenty-five feet onto the adjoining properties.  Contours, if used, are to be at one foot intervals.  "Spot" elevations, if used, are to be established on a minimum fifty foot grid and, at all intermediate points necessary to define existing topography.  In addition, "spot" elevations are to be established (or interpolated) at the corners of the proposed building and at the near face of buildings on the adjoining properties.  All existing drainage courses and swales are to be shown.
      (1)   All existing planimetric information is to be located and shown, i.e., pavements, drives, walks, parking areas, buildings, fences, ponds, poles, etc.  Paving material type is to be noted.  Elevations are to be established on: the sidewalks, gutter and street center line at maximum intervals of fifty feet along their length fronting the property; all other hard surface areas; and, the first floor of adjoining buildings.
      (2)   The size and location of all existing utility mains (i.e., sanitary, storm, water, gas, electric, telephone, etc.) and appurtenances (i.e., culverts, catch basins, manholes, hydrants, headwalls, miscellaneous draining piping, etc.) is to be shown.  Elevations are to be established on: the rim and invert of all manholes; the invert of all drainage piping; and catch basin rims.
   (e)   Finished site topography is to be shown for the subject lot.  Finished site topography is to be superimposed over existing site topography by including a finished grade elevation for each "spot" elevation shown to describe the existing grade, as described above.  Additional "spot" elevations are to be shown to establish positive drainage control.  Arrows are to be added to indicate the direction of slope of finished grade.  All proposed drainage ditches or swales are to be shown, including finished grade elevations at the center line and top of slope.  All proposed planimetric information is to be shown, i.e., buildings, building additions, parking areas, drive, aprons, fences, etc.  Buildings and/or additions are to be dimensioned.
   (f)   All requirements of the Building Code, Zoning Code, Fire Code and other requirements of the City pertaining to building sites shall be required by the City and not waived by the City's approval of the plans unless specifically waived by the Board of Zoning Appeals and/or the Building Code Board of Appeals.
   (g)   Four plan copies shall be submitted, one of which shall be returned to the applicant upon approval of the City.
   (h)   If, in the opinion of the  Planning, Zoning and Building Director and/or the Engineer, the site plan lacks sufficient information, requires additions and/or corrections, the applicant shall revise the site plan accordingly including the required information and resubmit for reviews.
   (i)   Approvals required:
      (1)   Planning, Zoning and Building Director
      (2)   Director of Engineering, Utilities and Inspection
         (Ord. 2013-130.  Passed 1-27-14.)