1109.02  SURVEYING.
   (a)   Surveying Standards.  All surveying for land development shall be done in accordance with Ohio R.C. 4733.37, "Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys in the State of Ohio" and shall be base d on the City of Aurora's survey monumentation system.
   (b)   Monuments.  Monuments shall be placed at all block corners, angle points and points of curves in roads, road intersections and at intermediate points as required by the City. The monuments shall be. constructed and installed as required by the Engineering Construction Standards.
   (c)   Markers.  Markers shall be located in the ground to the final grade at all lot corners. Such markers shall be of solid ferrous metal, three-fourths inch in diameter and shall be at least thirty inches long.
(Ord.  2013-130.  Passed 1-27-14.)