(a)   No person shall park or store, or permit to be parked or stored, any truck, school bus, bus, commercial trailer, pole trailer or moving van in a residential district, on private or public property, or in or on any public street, road, highway, alley or right of way, except to make deliveries or pickups or for the loading or unloading of persons, unless such truck, school bus, bus, commercial vehicle, pole trailer or moving van is parked or stored in a structure completely enclosing said commercial vehicle. The prohibitions against the parking of commercial vehicles contained in this chapter shall not apply to properly licensed tow trucks used for the purpose of transporting automotive vehicles.
   (b)   Whenever any police officer finds or locates any commercial vehicle parked or stored in violation of Section 352.02(a) above, said police officer may cause the commercial vehicle to be impounded and/or stored at an impoundment or storage lot with all costs relating to the same being assessed against the owner of said vehicle.
(Ord. 2003-23.  Passed 3-17-03.)