It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police, or such other officers as may be in charge of the City jail, to keep a record book of all persons, who are arrested and confined therein, the act or acts constituting the violation of the law or ordinance for which they shall have been severally arrested, the names of the witnesses, the name of the officer who made the arrest, and such other remarks and information as may be requisite, together with the records of all persons who are set free without paying the fines and costs imposed upon them by the Municipal Court. The record shall fully set forth and contain a full account of the reason why such persons were discharged, each with the amount of fines and costs assessed against him and with the number of the case on the docket. The Chief shall sign a certificate to such record in each and every case, and the record so kept shall at all times be at the disposal of the judge of the Municipal Court.
(1980 Code 34.06)