(a)   Upon approval of the application by Council, the land shall be rezoned for use as a Planned Unit Residential District and all necessary changes shall be made to the Zoning Map.  In the event that actual construction does not commence within two years from the date of approval of the application by Council, or within the time, less than the two years, that any developmental stage is required to be commenced by the time limited plans submitted by the applicant and approved by the Planning Commission, or within such extensions of time thereafter as are granted for good and reasonable cause by the Commission upon the written request of applicant, which request shall specify the cause for the delay in commencing construction, then the Commission shall initiate an amendment to the Zoning Code which would rezone the land in the district as it existed immediately prior to Council's approval of the application.  In the event the Commission disapproves any application the Commission shall set forth, in writing to be attached to the application, the reason or reasons, in detail satisfactory to clearly identify such reason or reasons for disapproval.  In the event the Commission conditionally approves any application, the Commission shall set forth in writing to be attached to the application the conditions upon which approval is granted.  If within thirty days after conditional approval the applicant resubmits the application evidencing that all the conditions stated in writing attached to the application have been satisfactorily fulfilled, the resubmitted application shall be deemed approved.  If any conditionally approved application is not resubmitted within thirty days, the application shall be deemed disapproved, unless the Commission in writing agrees to an extension of time for resubmitting the application.
   (b)   If any application is disapproved, the applicant, in addition to any other appropriate administrative or judicial remedy, may submit a new application or may amend the application pursuant to Section 1157.02.
   (c)   The application procedures hereinabove set forth may be supplemented by rules and regulations established by the Planning Commission and approved by Council with regard to consideration of the application, review by appropriate City departments, and public hearings.
(1980 Code 153.163; Ord. 8364)