(a)   In order to apply for the establishment of a Planned Unit Residential District, an applicant shall submit to the Planning Commission an application in the form of a preliminary development plan conforming to the requirements of this Zoning Code.  This application is and shall be treated as a proposed amendment to the Zoning Code.  After considering the application, the Commission shall make a recommendation of approval or disapproval of the applicant's plan to Council, which shall then either approve, with or without modifications, or disapprove the application pursuant to Section 1109.05 through 1109.07.  Any approval by the Commission shall require time limited developmental stages to be completed by the applicant.
   (b)   An applicant for a Planned Unit Residential District shall submit an application conforming to the requirements of this Zoning Code to the Commission not less than fifteen working days prior to the meeting of the Commission at which consideration of the application is desired.  The Commission shall make a recommendation of approval, conditional approval or disapproval to Council within sixty days after the meeting at which the application is initially presented, unless the time for taking such action is extended by mutual agreement of the Commission and the applicant.  In the event that the Commission should fail to approve, conditionally approve or disapprove the application within sixty days, the application shall be deemed approved in the form submitted, unless the applicant agrees in writing to an extension of time.  (1980 Code 153.162; Ord. 8364)