Any parcel of land within the City containing not less than 500,000 square feet of contiguous space, eleven and forty-eight hundredths acres, shall qualify as a Planned Unit Residential District, so long as the following requirements are met:
   (a)   The use contemplated in the proposed area is compatible with the use of lands contiguous thereto.
   (b)   The applicant for a Planned Unit Residential District shall submit a preliminary development plan which shall include the following information:
      (1)   Name, address, owner and architect and engineer of the proposed development, and certification number of any such architect or engineer;
      (2)   A legal description of the entire parcel which is to comprise the unit district;
      (3)   Drawings of the unit designating the future street locations as well as existing streets and existing and future utilities locations and connections;
      (4)   Scaled designation and location of wooded areas, and recent aerial photographs of those areas, and isolated trees of six inches or more in diameter which the applicant plans to remove;
      (5)   Scaled contour lines at a minimum of five foot intervals;
      (6)   Existing structures indicating those that are to be removed and those that are to be retained in the unit;
      (7)   Designation of site plans, specifying the general location of all buildings, structures, other improvements, common open spaces, off-street parking facilities and number of spaces provided thereby, sidewalks, illuminated areas, all utilities, all streets with designation as to private and public streets, total number of dwelling units, proposed lot coverage of buildings and structures as reflected in a percentage of the total land available, and such other information as the City Engineer or his duly authorized agent may require; and
      (8)   The preliminary development plan may also set forth reasonable specific limits within which variations in execution of the plan may be permitted, provided that such variations shall not cause any of the following:
         A.   A change in the general character of the Planned Unit Residential District;
         B.   A substantial relocation of buildings, structures and other improvements, common open space, off-space, off-street parking facilities, sidewalks, illuminated areas, utilities or streets;
         C.   An increase in intensity in the use of land and buildings;
         D.   An increase in lot coverage of buildings and structures;
         E.   An increase in gross floor area of buildings; or
         F.   A reduction in approved open space.
   (c)   The applicant is to provide a proposed schedule of development indicating when construction is to begin, the stages of construction, and dates each stage shall be commenced and completed.
   (d)   The statement as to applicant's intention of selling or leasing all or a portion of the unit after the project is developed, conditions of sale, maintenance, deed restrictions and property owners' agreements contemplated, and financial disclosure statement if required by the Planning Commission.
   (e)   All roadways within the unit are to be dedicated as City streets and shall conform to specifications as required by the City Engineer, unless the Commission has required and approved an alternate proposal as to streets.
   (f)   All utilities whether public or private shall be established underground unless permission for above-surface installation has been granted by the Commission.
   (g)   Provision is made for ownership of all open space areas and nondedicated streets by an owner's association, nonprofit corporation or covenants that run with the land and which shall prevent these open spaces and nondedicated streets from becoming the maintenance obligations of the City, unless voluntarily assumed by the City.
   (h)   Plans for street lighting, which conform to the architectural type of the planned unit, and maintenance, repair and upkeep of which shall be the responsibility of organizations other than the City, unless voluntarily assumed by the City for approval by the Commission. The owner's representative shall submit photographs of the proposed street lights which are to be constructed, or drawings of the lights which are satisfactory to the City Engineer or his duly authorized agent.
   (i)   Lot areas per the dwelling unit are not to be reduced by more than forty percent (40%) of the minimum lot area required in an R-1 District. However, lot widths may be varied to allow for a variety of structural designs, subject to the approval of the Commission.
   (j)   All dwelling structures should, where practicable, abut a common open space and, where clusterings are designated, not more than ten house units shall exist contiguously.
   (k)   Height tolerance shall not exceed those of an R-1 District, except that for each foot of building height exceeding the maximum, the distance between such buildings and the side and rear property lines shall be increased by one foot.
   (l)   Off-dedicated street parking shall be designated but it shall not occur within fifteen feet of any residence.
   (m)   A minimum of twenty percent (20%) of the land to be developed in the unit shall be reserved for common open space and recreational facilities for residents or users of the unit.
   (n)   Applicant shall submit by plans, photographs or other visual aid evidence of the architectural styles which shall be required in the unit to assure against nonconformity, and such requirement of conformity shall be a covenant which shall run with the land.
      (1980 Code 153.160; Ord. 8364)