Ground signs shall be permitted in any Single-Family, Multi-Family, Commercial, Business or Light Industrial District, subject to the following limitations and requirements.
   (a)   Size Limitation.
      (1)   Ground signs/planter signs.  Ground signs may be erected in the required front yard areas as follows or by special use permit.  No ground sign may be more than eight feet in width or more than ten feet in height with an overall surface of no more than forty square feet per face.  Ground signs may not exceed ten feet to the top edge of the sign from ground level.  No flashing signs are permitted.
      (2)   Only one ground/planter sign, or pole sign may be allowed for each business establishment, except by special use permit.
   (b)   Location.  Ground signs shall be located ten feet from the property line and ten feet from side lot lines.  However, a ground sign which does not exceed four square feet in area and four square feet in height, and is situated within a landscaped area, may be located as close as eighteen inches to any property line and five feet to an interior side lot line.  If such landscaped area is located within a parking area, it shall be bounded by curbing or other effective vehicular barriers and shall be sufficient in size so that all portions of the sign are set back at least eighteen inches from its perimeter.  Direction signs as permitted in Sections 1154.06 (d) and 1154.07 (d) shall be set back from interior side lot lines at least five feet.
   (c)   Construction.  All letters, figures, characters or representations in cutout or irregular form, maintained in conjunction with, attached to or superimposed upon, any sign shall be safely and securely built or attached to the sign structure.
   (d)   Lighting. Lighting shall be permitted for ground signs, provided that illumination is concentrated on the sign or internally illuminated so as to prevent glare upon the street or adjacent property.
      (2004 Code)