In single-family and multi-family residential districts, the number of permanent signs shall be limited as follows:
   (a)   Development Signs.  Each Single-Family or Multi-Family development shall be permitted one sign, exceeding neither fifteen square feet in area nor six feet in height, identifying the name and address of the development.  Such signs shall be permitted only as a ground sign in Single-Family Districts and as only a ground, wall or canopy sign in Multi-Family Districts.
   (b)   Building Identification Signs.  In multi-family developments of two or more residential buildings, each building shall be permitted one wall, canopy or ground sign identifying the name and address of the building.  Such sign shall exceed neither ten square feet in area nor four feet in height.
   (c)   Unit Identification Signs. In single-family developments, each dwelling unit shall be permitted one wall sign identifying the resident's name and address, and not exceeding one square foot in area.
   (d)   Exempt Signs.  Signs indicating a direction or location to which pedestrian or vehicular traffic is requested to move, are permitted in addition to the above signs, provided that such signs exceed neither four square feet in area nor four feet in height.  The number of such signs shall be the minimum necessary as determined by the Planning Commission (including handicapped signs, all types).
   (e)   Nonconforming Signs.  Permitted as noted in Section 1154.15 .
      (2004 Code)