The design of parking facilities shall be in accordance with Sections 1149.07.1 through 1149.07.7.  (2004 Code)
1149.07.1 Driveway width. 
Every parking facility shall be provided with one or more access driveways, the width of which shall be the following:
      (a)   Private driveways at least 9 feet.
      (b)   Commercial driveways: 12 feet for one-way enter/exit; 24 feet for two-way enter/exit.  (2004 Code)
1149.07.2 Driveway and ramp slopes.
The maximum slope of any driveway or ramp shall not exceed 20 percent.  Transition slopes in driveways and ramps shall be provided in accordance with the standards set by the building inspector and the city engineer.
      (2004 Code)
1149.07.3 Stall access. 
Each required parking stall shall be individually and easily accessed. No automobile shall be required to back onto any public street or sidewalk to leave any parking stall when such stall serves more than two dwelling units or other than residential uses.  All portions of a public lot or garage shall be accessible to other portions thereof without requiring the use of any public street.
      (2004 Code)
1149.07.4 Compact-to-standard stall ratio. 
The maximum ratio of compact stalls to standard stalls in any parking area shall not exceed 1 to 2 respectively.
      (2004 Code)
1149.07.5 Screening. 
A 3-foot-high buffer at the public way shall be provided for all parking areas of five or more spaces.
      (2004 Code)
1149.07.6 Striping. 
All parking stalls shall be striped except a private garage or parking area for the exclusive use of a single-family dwelling.
      (2004 Code)
1149.07.7  Lighting. 
All lights illuminating a parking area shall be designed and located so as to reflect away from any street and adjacent property.
      (2004 Code)