A use shall be conditionally permitted only for the following purposes and shall be subject to the regulations set forth in Chapter 1152 of this Code:
   (a)    Minor automotive repair
   (b)    Automotive fuel dispensing facilities
   (c)    Automotive fuel self-service dispensing facilities
   (d)    Medical and dental institutions and services such as hospitals and clinics
   (e)    Rehabilitation centers
   (f)    Convenience and neighborhood commercial centers
   (g)    Self-storage warehouses
   (h)    Hotels and motels, excluding other residential occupancies
   (i)    Taverns and cocktail lounges
   (j)    When located at least 100 feet from the boundary of any R- District, places of amusement including bowling alleys, golf driving ranges, miniature golf courses, ice rinks, pool and billiard halls or any other similar places of entertainment or amusement; subject to the restrictions found in Section 707.08 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Ashtabula
   (k)    Uses not listed as permitted in accordance with Section 1127.02 of this Code, but may be considered harmonious or compatible with the neighboring or permitted uses, shall be subject to the conditional use regulations set forth in Chapter 1152 of this Code.  (Ord. 2012-175(aa).  Passed 12-17-12.)