A building or premises shall be permitted only for the following purposes:
   (a)    Multiple-family dwellings
   (b)    Banks and financial institutions
   (c)    Child day care centers
   (d)    Libraries
   (e)    Public and government services
   (f)    Police and fire department services
   (g)    Places of religious worship
   (h)    Religious, cultural and fraternal activities, including museums and art galleries
   (i)    Restaurants, delicatessens and bakeries
   (j)    Public utility stations
   (k)    Retail shop or store, building material supply sales (wholesale or retail), community and commercial centers (including wholesale and retail sales)
   (l)    Office or office building, including but not limited to professional offices such as medical and legal offices
   (m)    Personal service shop, including but not limited to barber or beauty shop, photographic or art studio, messenger or telegraphic service, dry cleaning or laundry service establishments and any other personal service establishment of a similar character
   (n)    Community oriented residential social service facility
   (o)    Physical fitness center
   (p)    Schools and colleges for profit (including commercial, vocational and trade schools)
   (q)    Automobile, boat or trailer displays and sales rooms, and, when located at least 100 feet from the boundary of any R- District, a used car or trailer sales storage lot
   (r)    Radio or television broadcasting station or studio, and commercial printing and publishing
   (s)    Indoor theaters and drive-in theaters
   (t)    Mortuary and funeral homes
   (u)    Accessory building or use, including one wall sign pertaining to the name of the establishment or to products sold or offered on the premises, which sign shall not extend more than one foot from any wall or structure, shall be affixed to the building and shall not exceed more than one square foot for each one foot of building width.  (Ord. 2017-43.  Passed 4-3-17.)