(A)   The Board of City Commissioners requires that those workers engaged in food service responsibilities in businesses and other entities located within the city shall be required to have a Hepatitis “A” vaccination, including appropriate boosters (which should be administered six months after the first dose), in order to perform such duties. Newly hired or engaged food service workers must receive the first Hepatitis “A” vaccine at least two weeks prior to their handling of food for public consumption. This requirement shall go into effect on July 1, 2018 and each business/entity shall have four weeks from that date to complete the inoculations of such workers recognizing that it takes a minimum of two (2) weeks for an individual to begin building immunity.
   (B)   A food service worker who has been previously inoculated with appropriate boosters with
proof of such inoculation shall not be required to undergo additional inoculation upon providing satisfactory proof of same.
   (C)   All businesses and other entities shall be required to maintain records of the inoculation of their affected workers during the course of such workers’ engagement in providing food services. Such proof of inoculation shall be made available to city inspectors or County Public Health inspectors upon request.
   (D)   Failure to maintain such records or provide such proof when requested as provided by this subchapter as well as non-compliance with any other provision of this subchapter, shall be considered as violations of the subchapter.
   (E)   The requirements of this section shall not apply to women who are pregnant, no to those individuals who in the written opinion of his/her duly licensed attending physician that such inoculation would be injurious to the person’s health, nor to those persons who are opposed to vaccination on religious grounds and sign a written sworn statement to that effect.
(Ord. 95-2018, passed 6-25-18) Penalty, see § 120.99