§ 159.07  INSPECTION.
   (A)   Plans accepted by the Department of Public Services for grading, stripping, excavating, and filling work shall be maintained on site throughout the duration of the work. After EPSC measures have been installed, contact the Department of Public Services  and request a pre-construction inspection.
   (B)   Upon completion of the pre-construction inspection and approval of EPSC measures, the permit will be issued and site construction may commence.
   (C)   The Department of Public Services’ designated agent shall make inspections as deemed necessary to ensure the EPSC measures are being properly implemented and maintained during construction. If minimum requirements for the EPSC are not met, the permittee shall be notified and enforcement actions shall be taken.
   (D)   The permittee or his or her agent shall make regular inspections of all control measures to determine the overall effectiveness of the EPSC plan and the need for additional control measures. The frequency of these inspections shall be once every seven calendar days and before and after storm events of a half-inch of precipitation or more. All inspections shall be documented in written form and kept on the construction site. Reports should be available for the Department of Public Services or state inspectors to review upon request during a site inspection.
   (E)   The Department of Public Services’ designated agent shall enter the property of the applicant as deemed necessary to make regular inspections to ensure the validity of the reports filed under division (D) above.
(Ord. 39-2005, passed 3-17-05)  Penalty, see § 159.99