(A)   The erosion and sediment control (EPSC) plan shall include the following:
      (1)   A natural resources map identifying soil types, forest cover, topography, and other natural features of concern. This map should be to scale equivalent to balance of submittal.
      (2)   A schedule of events for the construction of the development site, including stripping and clearing, rough grading, construction of utilities, infrastructure, final grading and landscaping. Sequencing shall identify the expected date on which clearing will begin, the estimated duration of exposure of cleared areas, areas of clearing, installation of temporary EPSC measures, and establishment of permanent vegetation.
      (3)   All EPSC measures necessary shall be shown on the plan by location and referred to by a legend for all phases of construction. Depending upon the complexity of the project, the drafting of intermediate plans may be required at the close of each season. Multiple EPSC plan sheets may be necessary to best convey requirements for each phase.
      (4)   Seeding mixtures and rates, types of sod, method of seedbed preparation, expected seeding dates, type and rate of lime and fertilization application, and type and quantity of mulching for both temporary and permanent vegetative control measures.
      (5)   Provisions for maintenance of control facilities, including easements and estimates of the cost of maintenance.
      (6)   The proposed plan to control site waste, including a delineation of contractor staging areas for equipment and fuel storage, site materials and temporary facilities.
   (B)   Modifications to the plan shall be processed and accepted or denied in the same manner as 159.04 and may be authorized by the Department of Public Services by written authorization to the permittee, and shall include:
      (1)   Major amendments of the EPSC plan require a qualified professional’s signature and shall be submitted to the Department of Public Services for acceptance.
      (2)   Field modifications of a minor nature shall require a qualified professional’s signature and shall be noted and dated on the EPSC record drawings and available for review and acceptance by the Department of Public Services.
(Ord. 39-2005, passed 3-17-05)  Penalty, see § 159.99