(A)   Each person desiring to drill or explore for gas or oil at any point within the city shall apply to the Director of Public Services for a permit, submitting with the application for the permit a map showing the exact location of the well proposed to be drilled and also the highways to be traversed in bringing in the boilers, drills, and other equipment necessary to drill the well.  After the Director of Public Services is satisfied with the location of the well in question and that it will not unduly interfere with the safety of the persons and property, he shall issue a permit on payment of the sum of $25 for each well drilled and on the giving a bond, with corporate surety, in the amount of $10,000 conditioned as follows:  that the city shall be indemnified from all damages caused by the applicant in the moving of boilers, rigs, or other equipment used in the drilling of the well over the streets of the city and further conditioned to pay all damages that may be occasioned to any person or property by reason of the drilling of the well or by the shooting of the well.
   (B)   The $25 collected for each permit shall be paid into the city treasury and shall be used for general purposes.
('83 Code, § 153.01)  Penalty, see § 10.99