(A)   Every pawnbroker shall keep a register of all loans and purchases of all articles effected or made by him.  The register shall show the dates of all loans or purchases, and the names of all persons who have left any property on deposit as collateral security or as a delivery or sale.  Opposite the names and dates shall be written in plain hand a full description of all property purchased or received on deposit as collateral security, the time when the loan falls due, the amount of purchase money, the amount loaned, and the interest charged.  The register shall at all times be open to the inspection of any police officer of the city when in the discharge of his official duty.  (KRS 226.040)
   (B)   Every pawnbroker shall, by 11:00 a.m. each day, make available to the Chief of Police a true and correct written report of all goods received by him or her, whether by pawn or purchase, during the 24 hours preceding each report.  The report shall describe the goods as accurately as practicable.  The reports shall be submitted electronically to l.e.a.d.s.online, Inc. via high speed internet.  The Chief of Police shall furnish blanks for these reports.  (KRS 226.070)  (Am. Ord. 158-2005, passed 10-20-05)
Penalty, see § 116.99