(A)   The operation of public pool tables for profit by business establishments within the City shall be permitted, so long as the revenue derived from the operation of such pool tables when considered with other revenue generating vending machines, video machines, pinball machines or other permitted recreational, or entertainment devices, does not constitute greater than fifty percent (50%) of the business' recreational machine revenue. The operation of pool tables in non-profit businesses or private clubs are permitted without regard to the considerations of this section.
   (B)    For the purpose of this section, the Assistant City Clerk/ABC/CATV Administrator may require reasonable record keeping by any business operating pool tables, and the financial records of such businesses are subject to examination by the Assistant City Clerk/ABC/CATV Administrator.
('83 Code, § 112.01) (Ord. 30-1995, passed 3-2-95; Am. Ord. 155-2005, passed 10-20-05) Penalty, see § 112.99