(A)   Definition.  For the purpose of this subchapter the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   MARQUEE.   Includes any hood or awning or permanent construction projecting from the wall of a building above an entrance and extending over a sidewalk or unimproved portion of the public right-of-way. 
   (B)   Construction.
      (1)   All marquees, including the anchors, bolts, supports, rods, and braces thereof, shall be constructed of incombustible materials and shall be subject to the approval and inspection of the Building Inspector in compliance with the building code of the city and by the Electrical Inspector in compliance with the Electrical Code of the city.
      (2)   The roofs of all marquees shall be properly guttered and connected by down spouts to a sewer, so that the water therefrom will not drip or flow onto public property.
      (3)   The roofs of all marquees shall be used for no other purpose than to form and constitute a roof.
   (C)   Location.
      (1)   No portion of a marquee shall be less than ten feet above the level of the sidewalk or other public right-of-way.
      (2)   No marquee shall be permitted to extend beyond a point greater than ten feet from the face of the wall to which it is attached, measuring from the point of the marquee nearest the wall, nor shall such marquee extend nearer the curb line than l-l/2 feet.
      (3)   No marquee shall be longer than the length of the side of the building to which it is attached, except where the building is located at the corner of an intersection, a marquee may extend beyond the corner of the building for a distance no greater than the width of the marquee.
   (D)   Erection requirements.
      (1)   Marquees shall be supported solely by the building to which they are attached, and no columns or posts shall be permitted as support therefore.
      (2)   The roof of any marquee shall be designed and constructed to support a live load of not less than 100 pounds per square foot.  The minimum wind pressure requirements shall be not less than 40 pounds per square foot of area.
      (3)   No marquee shall be erected on any building of wood frame construction unless attached to the masonry, concrete, or steel supports of the building.
      (4)   Signs attached to or hung from a marquee shall be completely within the border line of the marquee outer edge, and shall in no instance be lower than ten feet above the sidewalk or public ground.  No sign or advertising material shall exceed five feet in height exclusive of the name of the establishment occupying the building.  No advertising material shall be placed upon the roof of any marquee.
('83 Code, § 98.79) (Ord. 32-1962, passed 6-24-62)  Penalty, see § 97.999