In all cases where the water from the roofs of buildings is permitted to flow from the front or side of the buildings to the pavement the water shall be conducted to the pavement or sidewalk by down pipes and gutters to the sewers.  Where there is no sewer with which to connect, the down pipes and gutters shall be conducted to the street gutters by a pipe under the pavement, and in no case shall a pipe be permitted to empty its contents on the sidewalks or pavements.  Persons having sheds or awnings attached to buildings may conduct the water in pipes from the awnings or sheds by down pipes over the sheds or awnings to the street gutters or sewers.  The flow of water from the roofs without down pipes and flow of water from awnings and sheds without down pipes which empty water on the pavement are hereby declared unlawful.
('83 Code, § 98.25)  Penalty, see § 97.999