§ 71.09  SPEED LIMITS.
   (A)   The speed limit within the city shall be set at 25 miles per hour subject to the following exceptions:
      (1)   Speed limits on state maintained highways and public parking lots will be determined by the Commissioner of Highways pursuant to KRS 189.390.
      (2)   The speed limits on certain other streets shall be as specified in Chapter 73, Schedule VIII.
   (B)   Should the Board of Commissioners determine that the speed limit on any city maintained street is greater or less than is reasonable or safe for the orderly movement of traffic, based on engineering and/or traffic investigations, an ordinance may be approved by an affirmative vote of the Board of Commissioners to change the limits, provided that the change does not cause the limit to be greater than 55 miles per hour.
   (C)   The Director of Public Services is hereby authorized and directed to install appropriate signs, street markings and other necessary equipment where same are required to carry the provisions of this section into effect.  The Director of Public Services and the Chief of Police will coordinate installation of appropriate signs and markings by priority based on highway safety concerns.
   (D)   The Chief of Police is hereby authorized and directed to carry the provisions of this section into effect and to take appropriate steps to enforce same after appropriate signs and markings have been installed.
(Ord. 49-2006, passed 4-20-06)