(A)   There is created and established a Cemetery Board.  The Board shall have at least five and no more than seven members to be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of City Commissioners.  Members of the Cemetery Board shall serve without compensation.
   (B)   The members of the Cemetery Board shall be appointed for four year terms with the original Board to consist of those final members of the Board of Trustees of the Ashland Cemetery Company who are willing to serve. Appointments made to fill an unexpired term shall be made for the remainder of the unexpired term. The term of service shall be four years with the original board appointed to staggering terms. One of the members of the Board shall be a funeral director from the funeral homes located within the city with this slot rotated among such funeral homes.
   (C)   Absence from more than two consecutive meetings may constitute cause for removal from office. Any member of the Cemetery Board may be removed by majority vote of the members of the Board of City Commissioners.
   (D)   The Cemetery Board shall act with the City Manager, the Parks and Recreation Director and the Mayor and Board of City Commissioners in the interest of the lot owners of the cemetery and the community. The Board shall generally assist in the oversight of the operation and maintenance of the cemetery. The Board's action shall be subject to its final action being approved or set aside by the Board of City Commissioners.
   (E)   The Cemetery Board shall establish such rules and regulations as it deems necessary for the conduct of cemetery business. The Cemetery Board shall fix the time and place for holding of its meetings. The Cemetery Board shall, subject to review by the Finance Director, set fees relating to the purchase of lots, crypts and niches of the cemetery as well as opening and closing charges. Times that the cemetery gates will be open and other matters relating to the day to day operation of the cemetery shall be set by the Parks and Recreation Director.
   (F)   All financial operations, including accounts receivable and payable, shall be performed through methods established by the Finance Director and be handled directly by employees of the Finance Department.
(Ord. 125-2009, passed 9-17-09; Am. Ord. 6-2010, passed 1-21-10)