(A)   PUBLIC ART as referred to herein shall mean art that is visually or physically accessible to the public and that is accepted by, donated to, or acquired by the City of Ashland, Kentucky. Public art that is neither acquired by the city through donation or purchased with public funds or erected through special conditions requiring approval by the City of Ashland shall not be subject to this section.
   (B)   There is hereby created the Public Arts Council, a committee established by the Board of Commissioners.
   (C)   The Public Arts Council shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent and approval of the Board of Commissioners.
   (D)   Each member shall serve for a term of three years or until his or her successor is duly appointed provided that the initial terms of the initial members shall be staggered with two (2) appointed for three (3)-year terms, two (2) appointed for two (2)-year terms and one appointed for a one-year term.
   (E)   The purpose of the Public Arts Council shall be to encourage and promote the appreciation and enjoyment of the arts and the cultural resources of the city. Promotion of the arts in the city is vital to the growth of the city and the well-being of its citizens. The arts are an important part of the cultural and economic life of the city and enrich not only the participants in the arts, but those who observe and appreciate the arts as well.
   (F)   Before any public art is accepted, approved, or purchased by the city, an application for approval shall first be submitted to the Public Arts Council on such form as it may establish.
   (G)   The Public Arts Council shall have the following specific powers and duties:
      (1)   The Public Arts Council shall review all public art to be purchased by the city or public art that is proposed to be donated to the city and shall recommend the acceptance, rejection or purchase of the same to the Board of Commissioners.
      (2)   The Public Arts Council shall establish goals and criteria to be used when reviewing proposed public arts projects for possible recommendation.
      (3)   The Public Arts Council will review the proposed location of all public art that is proposed to be located on city property or rights-of-way and shall recommend the situs and proposed location of any such public art to the Board of Commissioners for its consideration and approval.
      (4)   The Public Arts Council shall solicit proposals for public art commissions and review artist proposals and recommend commissions to the Board of Commissioners as appropriate.
      (5)   The Public Arts Council may make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners, the Park Board and the Planning Commission regarding the use of public art to enhance existing development.
      (6)   The Public Arts Council may make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners with regard to the planning of capital improvement projects to be undertaken by the city where there is a potential for the incorporation of public art in the final development of property.
      (7)   The Public Arts Council shall review and recommend for approval or rejection by the Board of Commissioners proposed art work for private development projects where the developer is legally obligated to provide public art.
      (8)   The Public Arts Council shall recommend to the Board of Commissioners effective and efficient management and maintenance practices for all public art within the city.
      (9)   The Public Arts Council shall pursue private sources to fund public art initiatives for the city.
   (H)   The Ashland Public Arts Council shall make its recommendation to the Board of Commissioners with respect to any proposed donation or purchase of public art for which application has been made within thirty (30) days of the filing of an application.
(Ord. 122, 2019, passed 9-12-19)