§ 2-3-4  BLOCK DESIGN.
   (A)   Maximum lengths. The maximum lengths of blocks, measured along the centerline of the street and between intersecting street centerlines, is 1,320 feet, except that in development with lot areas averaging 1/2 acre or more, or where conditions warrant, this maximum may be 1,960 feet. Blocks shall be as long as reasonably possible under the circumstances within the above maximums in order to achieve depth and possible street economy and to reduce the expense and safety hazard arising from excessive street intersections.
   (B)   Cul-de-sac streets. Maximum length of cul-de-sac streets is 750 feet measured from the intersection of right-of-way lines to the extreme depth of the turning circle along the street centerline, and serve no more than 24 dwellings. Exceptions may be made where topography, adjacent platting, or other unusual conditions justify such. No exception shall be made merely because the tract has restrictive boundary dimensions wherein provisions shall be made for extension of street patterns to the adjoining unplatted parcel and a temporary turn-around installed.
   (C)   Pedestrian ways. Pedestrian ways shall be required where essential for circulation or access to schools, playgrounds, shopping centers, transportation and other community facilities. Pedestrian ways may be used for utility purposes.
   (D)   Where an MPC District is being formed, alternate requirements as stated within this Article 2-3-4 may be proposed and made a part of the approved MPC District.
(Ord. 1503, passed - -2021)