(A)   Purposes. The pre-application conference stage of subdivision planning comprises an investigatory period which precedes actual preparation of a preliminary plat by the subdivider. During this required stage, the subdivider makes known his or her intentions to city staff and is advised of public objectives, platting procedures and requirements as they may relate to the subject tract.
      (1)   During this stage, it may be determined that a change in zoning would be required for the subject tract or a part thereof and, in that case, the subdivider shall consider initiating the necessary rezoning application.
      (2)   During this stage, it may be determined that relinquishment would be required of existing public rights-of-way or extinguishment of easements and, in either case, the subdivider shall initiate the necessary application.
      (3)   The pre-application conference affords city staff the opportunity to give informal guidance to the subdivider. Lot layout shall be governed by the buildable site on the lot, the grading and drainage pattern of the lot, the natural ecosystem and features, and the coordination of sizes of lots with requirements for community infrastructure. Staff will discuss the proposal with the subdivider. Written list of comments is to be provided by the different city departments and the utility agencies in order that the subdivider may be informed of the utility agencies and city's procedures, design and improvement standards, and general plat requirements. The information given at a pre-application conference is limited. Any determinations made will be very tentative and still subject to the formal process.
      (4)   To facilitate the preliminary plat review and avoid undue delay, the city will invite representatives of the fire district, sewer, and water utilities suppliers to the pre-application conference to learn the general requirement for sewage disposal and for obtaining water supply and any fire district requirements, as applied to his or her location, and to determine if any applicable fees are charged by these agencies.
      (5)   This Article's 2-2-2 pre-application conference shall not apply to an approved MPC District.
   (B)   Information desired. In carrying out the purposes of the pre-application stage, the subdivider and city staff may meet informally and discuss the proposal. The subdivider shall provide 2 copies of the pre-conceptual subdivision showing the project location, and proposed street and lot layout.
(Ord. 1503, passed - -2021)