.010   The City Manager or their authorized Designee shall have, upon the issuance of a judicial warrant or, in an emergency, upon probable cause, the authority to enter and inspect, at any reasonable time, any premises to investigate suspected or reported violations of this chapter.
   .020   The Code Enforcement Manager and Code Enforcement Officers shall have the duty and authority to enforce the provisions of this chapter pursuant to Section 1.01.389 of this Code.
   .030   The transportation or Disposal of waste in violation of Section 10.10.130, 10.10.150 or 10.10.170 of this chapter is hereby declared to be a misdemeanor punishable as set forth in Section 1.01.370 of this Code.
   .040   The first violation of Section committed by any person shall be an infraction punishable in accordance with the applicable provisions of the California Penal Code. The second and all subsequent violations of Section committed by any person shall be punishable as either an infraction or a misdemeanor, at the discretion of the City Attorney.
   .050   Any person who violates any provisions of this code, as amended from time to time, or any person who owns property upon which violation exists, irrespective of whether that person caused the violation, shall be subject to an administrative fine or penalty up to the maximum amounts set forth in Chapter 1.01 of the City’s municipal code.
   .060   Enforcement of certain provisions shall not occur before the specified dates required by SB 1383 or other applicable law. (Ord. 6519 § 1 (part); December 11, 2021.)