18.52.120   FINDINGS.
   .010   Density Bonus and Incentives. The City shall approve the request for a Density Bonus and/or Incentives pursuant to Section 18.52.040 (General Density Bonus), 18.52.050 (Transfer of Land), 18.52.060 (Condominium Conversion), 18.52.080 (Affordable Multiple Family Residential Development); or, 18.52.090 (Development Incentives), unless it makes a written finding, based upon substantial evidence, of either of the following:
      .0101   That the Density Bonus, Incentives or Reduced Parking Ratio does not result in identifiable and actual cost reductions to provide for an Affordable Housing Cost or for rents for the targeted units to be set as specified in California Government Code Section 65915(c); or
      .0102   That the Density Bonus or Incentive would have a specific adverse impact upon public health and safety or on the physical environment, or on any real property that is listed in the California Register of Historical Resources, and for which there is no feasible method to satisfactorily mitigate or avoid the specific adverse impact without rendering the development unaffordable to Very Low, Low, Lower, or Moderate Income Households.
   .020   Childcare Facilities. The City shall approve the request for additional Density Bonus or Incentive for the provision of a Childcare Facility, as specified in Section 18.52.070 (Childcare Facilities), unless it makes the written findings set forth in Sections and and the following additional finding, based upon substantial evidence:
      .0201   That the community has adequate Childcare Facilities.
   .030   Tier one Incentives for an Affordable Rental Housing Development are not subject to discretionary review or denial, pursuant to 18.52.080 (Affordable Rental Housing Development) and 18.52.090 (Development Incentives), and do not require written findings.  (Ord. 6041 § 1 (part); November 13, 2006:  Ord. 6101 § 52 (part); April 22, 2008:  Ord. 6489 § 1 (part); July 14, 2020.)