All parkways shall be landscaped and maintained by the nearest adjacent property owner in accordance with the provisions of this section.
   .010   Parkway landscaping shall consist of lawn, live ground cover, artificial turf (in compliance with 18.46.055), shrubs, or a combination thereof not exceeding two feet in height as measured from the top of the adjacent curb, and excluding approved parkway trees.  Parkways directly adjacent to private property may include landscaping up to three feet in height unless the sight distance is affected for safe traffic (pedestrian or vehicle) circulation.
   .020   Parkways may also include a path or walkway consisting of pavement, pavers, stones, decomposed granite, or other similar decorative materials not to exceed five feet in width at a single location between the private property boundary lines that intersect the parkway. Any pathways or walkways within a Parkway shall be level with sidewalk and curb grades.
   .030   Parkway landscaping must be maintained in accordance with Section 18.46.090 (Required Landscaping - Maintenance).  Any landscaping that is dead shall be replaced as soon as possible with appropriate material meeting the requirements of this section.
   .040   Parkway lawn, live ground cover, artificial turf, and/or shrubs that do not meet the requirements of this section as determined by the Planning and Public Works Director shall be replaced with landscaping that meets the approval of the Planning and Public Works Director.  (Ord. 6286 § 37; September 3, 2013.)