All landscaping required by this chapter shall be shown on a landscape plan(s) submitted for review and approval to the Planning Department.
   .010   Legend.  The landscape plan shall contain a separate legend, with corresponding symbols used throughout the submitted landscape plan.  The legend shall identify landscape plants; the number, botanical name, common name and container size of trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers; areas of turf and other vegetation, and pervious and impervious (paved) areas.
   .020   Features.  The landscape plan shall be drawn on project base sheets, at a scale that accurately and clearly identifies the following:
      .0201   Landscaped areas having plants with similar water scheduling, valve and quantity needs.  These areas may be irrigated or non-irrigated;
      .0202   Spacing and quantities of each group of plants;
      .0203   Property lines and street names;
      .0204   Pools, ponds, water features, fences and retaining walls;
      .0205   Existing and proposed buildings and structures, parking areas, site and building entrance points, type of site paving, sign structures, perimeter fencing, trash enclosure and receptacle locations, and any additional site amenities;
      .0206   Natural features, including but not limited to, rock outcroppings and existing trees;
      .0207   Representation or description of type of tree staking, in such detail as required by the City Forester; planting notes identifying methods for soil preparation, including depth, fertilizer, protective methods for landscaping, paving, contractor guarantee, and other applicable planting and installation details;
      .0208    A breakdown of the site area devoted to various types of landscaping (ground cover, shrub areas, turf, artificial turf and the total square footage in landscaping, and the setbacks and spacing of trees);
      .0209   Landscaping and irrigation protection measures (i.e., bollards, tire stops, curbs); and
      .0210   Landscape screening of outdoor uses, as required by Section 18.46.110 (Screening, Fences, Walls and Hedges).
   .030   Approval Required.  Landscape plans shall be submitted in conjunction with building plans for construction.  No landscaping or irrigation system shall be installed until the plans are approved.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6101 § 43; April 22, 2008.)