This section sets forth the procedures for processing an application for Shared Parking Permits when such a permit is allowed pursuant to Section 18.42.050 (Location of Parking and Shared Parking Arrangements) for either On-Site or Off-Site sharing of parking spaces.
   .010   Application. An application, on a form approved by the Planning Director, for a Shared Parking Permit shall be filed with the Planning Department to support the availability of site sufficient parking.
   .020   Required Documentation. The Shared Parking Permit shall include documentation that specifies the number and location of the off-site or on-site parking spaces, and shall assure that the spaces shall be accessible and available during the days and times of the week when those parking spaces are required to meet the parking demands of the use for which the parking spaces are required.
   .030   Shared Parking Agreement. For properties that are providing parking through Off-Site Sharing as identified in Section, a parking agreement, approved by the Anaheim City Attorney shall be recorded in the Office of the County Recorder, and a recorded copy filed with the Planning Department, prior to the issuance of any building permits or establishment of the dependent use.
   .040   Operation. The issuance of a Shared Parking Permit shall be deemed contingent upon operation of the proposed use in conformance with the assumptions relating to the operation and intensity of the use, as contained in the parking demand study/parking justification letter that formed the basis for approval of the permit. Exceeding, violating, intensifying or otherwise deviating from any of the assumptions as contained in the parking demand study/parking justification letter shall be deemed a violation of the permit, which shall subject the permit to revocation or modification pursuant to the provisions of Section 18.60.200 (City-Initiated Revocation or Modification of Permits). Termination of Shared Parking Agreement without providing the required off-street parking shall constitute a violation of this subsection.
   .050   Issuance or Denial of Permit. If the Planning Director determines that all provisions of Section 18.42.050 (Location of Parking and Shared Parking Arrangements) and the provisions of this section are, or will be, complied with and all other necessary permits have or will be obtained, a permit shall be issued; otherwise, the application shall be denied. Properties that are issued a permit pursuant to this section are not required to obtain a parking variance in addition to this permit.
   .060   Revocation of Permit. Detrimental circumstances or any violation of the provisions set forth in Section 18.42.050 (Location of Parking and Shared Parking Arrangements) and Section 18.42.120 (Shared Parking Permits.) may be considered cause to revoke a permit. Permits may be revoked by the Planning Director due to detrimental circumstances that may include, but are not limited to, the following:
      .0601   Unforeseen increased demand and competition for parking spaces within shared parking lots or upon the public streets in the immediate vicinity of the proposed use;
      .0602   Traffic congestion within the off-street parking areas or lots being shared; and
      .0603   Restricted vehicular access to the shared parking areas.
   .070   Permit Fee. A fee may be charged per Chapter 18.80 (Fees).
   .080   Decision. The decision of the Planning Director is final, unless appealed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 18.60 (Procedures). (Ord. 6156 § 17; September 22, 2009: Ord. 6245 § 66; June 5, 2012: Ord. 6526 § 28; February 15, 2022: Ord. 6555 § 45; April 4, 2023.)