The following uses and structures are permitted only when they are integrated with, and clearly incidental to, a primary use, and when the sole purpose is to provide convenience to residents of the development and their guests, rather than to the general public:
   .010   Recreation buildings, game courts, swimming pools and other similar facilities.
   .020   Recreational vehicle parks constituting an incidental section, area or number of units within a mobile home park.
   .030   Parking structures, including garages and carports.
   .040   Storage sheds or fully enclosed outdoor storage areas.
   .050   Home occupations, in compliance with the provisions of Section 18.38.130 (Home Occupations) of Chapter 18.32 (Supplemental Use Regulations).
   .060   Signs, as permitted by the provisions of the underlying zone and in compliance with Chapter 18.44 (Signs).
   .070   Laundry facilities for the residents of the mobile home park.
   .080   On-site management offices for the mobile home park.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)