18.01.020   PURPOSE.
   .010   General.  The purpose of this title is to promote growth of the City in an orderly manner, and to promote and protect the public health, safety, peace, comfort and general welfare in conformance with the General Plan.
   .020   Districts.  The zoning effectuated by this title includes the establishment of various districts that include all the territory within the boundaries of the City, within which the use of land and buildings, the space for buildings, and the height and bulk of buildings are regulated.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)
   .030   Amendments.  On June 8, 2004, the Anaheim City Council adopted Ordinance No. 5920, which amended and updated Title 18 in its entirety.  Subsequent amendments are as noted throughout the Zoning Code, and permitted per Chapter 18.76 (Zoning Amendments).  (Ord. 6031 § 1: August 22, 2006.)