Chapter 15.32 HOUSE MOVING
   15.32.010   Moving structure onto lot in City—Permit required.
   15.32.020   Application for permit—Hearing—Criteria for issuance.
   15.32.030   Application for relocation permit.
   15.32.040   Rules governing issuance of relocation permit.
   15.32.050   Relocation permit—When bond required—Amount.
   15.32.060   Relocation permit—Terms of bond.
   15.32.070   Default by performance—Notice to principal and surety—Duty of surety.
   15.32.080   Enforcement of cash bond.
   15.32.090   Default by mover—Option to demolish structure and restore site.
   15.32.100   Period and termination of bond.
   15.32.110   Entry upon premises—When authorized.
   15.32.120   Structure to be moved out of City—No bond required—Issuance of permit.
   15.32.130   Fee for relocation permit—Exemption.
   15.32.140   Relocation permit—Prerequisites to issuance.
   15.32.150   Relocation permit—Application.
   15.32.160   Applicant must have business license.
   15.32.170   Damage to street—Repair—Costs.
   15.32.180   Structure being moved to be lighted during dark.
   15.32.190   Protection of sidewalk.
   15.32.200   Tires of vehicles on streets—Protuberances restricted.