.010   Establishment. The Budget, Investment and Technology Commission is hereby established pursuant to Section 900 of the Charter of the City of Anaheim.
   .020   Composition. The Commission shall consist of seven (7) members.
   .030   Qualifications. Each member of the Commission shall be a resident of the City of Anaheim at the time of appointment and during the entire tenure of service on the Commission and shall not hold any paid office or employment in the City government. The members shall also meet and retain certain qualifications, if any, as may be established by resolution of the City Council. No member shall be financially interested in any contract, or otherwise conduct any business with, the City or any of its agencies, either on an individual basis or as a partner, shareholder, member or employee of any firm.
   .040   Term of Office. Each member of the Commission shall serve a term that runs concurrently with the current term of the elected official who nominated the member and until his or her successor is appointed and qualified.
   .050   Unscheduled Vacancies. Any vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term of a Commission member shall be filled by appointment for the remainder of such term in the manner prescribed for appointments in Section 1.04.391.
   .060   Organization, Meetings and Procedures.
   .0601   The Commission shall elect one of its members as a chairperson on an annual basis, which chairperson shall preside at meetings of the Commission and shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission.
   .0602   The Commission shall meet regularly at least four times each year and shall hold such other meetings as from time to time shall be called in the manner and form required by law. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Section 904 of the Anaheim City Charter. Regular meeting dates and times shall be established by the Commission. A majority of the total number of members of the Commission then in office shall constitute a quorum.
   .0603   The meetings and procedures of the Commission shall be subject to and governed by the resolutions and ordinances of the City Council establishing rules and regulations for City boards and commissions.
   .0604   The Commission shall have the power to appoint subcommittees of less than a quorum of the Commission to perform tasks within the scope of the Commission’s responsibility and to make reports and recommendations for consideration by the Commission.
   .070   Appropriations. The City Council shall include in its annual budget such appropriations of funds as, in its opinion, shall be sufficient for the efficient and proper functioning of the Commission.
   .080   No Compensation. Members of the Commission shall serve without compensation.
   .090   Powers and Duties. The Budget, Investment and Technology Commission is an advisory body to the City Council and, as such, shall have the following powers and duties:
   .0901   Investment Policy.
      .01   Review the annual investment policy proposed by the City Treasurer and the monthly City Treasurer’s report as submitted to the City Council pursuant to Section 53607 of the Government Code; and review other investment reports, if any, prepared for submission to the City Council.
      .02   Make recommendations to the City Council regarding said investment policy, monthly City Treasurer’s reports, and other investment reports, if any, submitted to the City Council.
      .03   Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters pertaining to the investment of City funds and the funds of other agencies governed by the City Council and which funds are invested by the City Treasurer (including but not limited to funds of the Anaheim Housing Authority and Anaheim Public Financing Authority).
      .04   Review and make recommendations on the City Treasurer’s investment strategies and portfolio asset and maturity structure. Emphasis of the Commission shall be on overall investment activities incorporating cash flow, permitted investments and risk/return factors. The Commission shall function in a general oversight capacity and shall not make investment decisions on individual securities.
   .0902   Budget.
      .01   Review the annual budget proposed by the City Manager pursuant to Section 1201 of the City Charter.
      .02   Hold public meetings concerning the proposed annual budget and make recommendations regarding said budget to the City Council in conjunction with, and prior to the conclusion of, the public hearing thereon required pursuant to Section 1202 of the City Charter.
      .03   Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters pertaining to short- and long-range financial planning and funding of City activities.
      .04   Review the City’s general fund, capital improvement program, and special funds budgets, including review of policies and procedures, time frames, format, and specific allocation proposals. Emphasis of the Commission shall be on programs and/or major expenditures, not on line item detail.
      .05   Review proposals and make recommendations regarding new and increased revenue sources.
      .06   Review proposals and make recommendations regarding service delivery alternatives.
      .07   Explore alternative approaches for financing future capital improvement projects.
      .08   It shall not be the purpose of the Commission to advise on regular or routine Treasury administration. It is intended that the Commission act in an advisory capacity to the City Council only and that the Commission not be vested with final authority in the establishment of investment strategies or the purchase of specific securities nor that it direct City staff to conduct costly analyses unless specifically directed and approved by the City Council.
   .0903   Technology.
      .01   Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters relating to the use of that information technology that will assist in the accomplishment of the City’s goals and objectives.
      .02   Partner with City leaders and key stakeholders, businesses and residents to identify long-term, strategic goals and objectives of City technology uses.
      .03   Recommend technologies aimed at addressing the needs of a diverse cross-section of the City’s residents, businesses and visitors.
      .04   Review and maintain knowledge of current and future technology trends.
   .0904   Perform such additional duties and functions as may be required from time to time by specific action and direction of the City Council.
   .0905   Receive such administrative support, assistance and information from the City Manager, and/or such other appointed officers or employees of the City as directed by the City Manager, and/or such consultants, advisors or professionals as engaged by the City for such purpose, as may be directed by the City Council, or as may from time to time reasonably be requested by the Commission for purposes of performing the duties and functions specified herein; provided, however, any such requests must be consistent with the City Charter and all City ordinances, resolutions, contracts, policies and rules, including any limitations contained in the City Charter which are otherwise applicable to the City Council or its members. (Ord. 6175, § 3; August 24, 2010: Ord. 6410 § 2 (part); March 21, 2017: Ord. 6458 § 6; January 29, 2019.)