.010   Appointment. In order to fulfill the purpose of district-based elections and correspond in number to the members of the City Council, all City boards and commissions shall be comprised of seven members with the following exceptions: Library Board and Sister City Commission, which shall retain their existing membership and method of appointment and removal, and the Housing and Community Development Commission, which shall be governed by section 1.04.500 of this Chapter. The Mayor and each district City Council member may directly nominate a member to each seven-member board and commission. Nominations shall be at the discretion of the nominating official, however priority shall be given to eligible district residents. Once nominated, individuals shall be selected for appointment by a majority vote of the City Council.
   .020   Removal. For those boards and commissions named and established in Article IX of the City Charter (Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Library Board, and Public Utilities Board), members shall be removed as provided in the City Charter. All other board and commission members may be removed by a majority vote of the City Council.
   .030   Term of Service. The terms of service of members of boards and commissions named and established in the City Charter shall be as set forth in the Charter. The terms of service of members of City boards and commissions for which a term of service is not otherwise specified in either the City Charter or this Chapter shall run concurrently with the current term of the district elected official or Mayor who nominated the member. The number of terms of service of a board or commission member shall be calculated from the date the member was first appointed.
   .040   Applicability. This section 1.04.391 shall not apply to the Anaheim Resort Maintenance District Advisory Board. (Ord. 6401 § 2 (part); March 21, 2017: Ord. 6415 § 1; July 11, 2017: Ord. 6458 § 1; January 29, 2019).