Section 904.   MEETINGS. CHAIRMAN.
   As soon as practicable, following the first day of July of every year, each of such boards and commissions shall organize by electing one of its members to serve as presiding officer at the pleasure of the board or commission. All meetings of said boards and commissions shall be open to the public and all persons shall be permitted to attend such meetings, except that the provisions of this sentence shall not apply to closed sessions authorized pursuant to any provision of law.
   The City Manager shall designate a secretary for each of such boards and commissions who need not be a member of such board or commission, and who shall keep a record of its proceedings and transactions. Each board or commission may prescribe its own rules and regulations, which shall be consistent with this Charter and shall be subject to the approval of the City Council. Copies of such rules shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk where they shall be available for public inspection. (Amended November 3, 1992, filed by Secretary of State, December 21, 1992.)