Ord. No.    Date    Description
B-50    9-8-22    Lafayette St. from Milan Ave. to NYC Ry. right of way.
B-176    12-1-36    Franklin Ave. from Jackson St. to easterly corporate limits.
Res. B-149    7-1-41    Parts of Lots 347 and 350 Barney's Addition and a portion of Franklin Ave. extension.
B-270    7-22-41    Easterly extension of Franklin Ave. from Jackson St. 240 east.
B-271    9- 41    Jefferson St. from East Martin St. to end of Jefferson St.
Res. B-184    12-29-42    Acceptance of Town Hall from Township Trustees.
B-333    5-7-46    Portion of an alley abutting Lots 86 and 87, Axtel Homestead Addition.
B-361    7-15-47    Altering route of Crosse Ave. by vacating a part and purchasing other land.
B-371    12-8-47    Jacob St. from Lincoln St. east.
B-457    11-3-53    Lafayette St. from Milan Ave. to NYC RR right of way.
B-464    3-2-54    Triangular portion of Sunset Dr.
B-496    12-8-55    Franklin Ave. from Jackson St. to easterly corporate limits.
B-555    8-6-57    Axtel St. and Sipple Ave. where they lie between the boundary lines of property owned by the Board of Education.
B-768 1   2-10-62    Wilson St.
Court Order Vol. 848 p. 11
   5-20-63    Plat of G. Monroe Barns Allotment, sublots 401 to 422 inclusive.
65-40    7-12-65    Parts of Kane Blvd. and Washka Lane.
66-46    7-25-66    Vacating proposed extension of Washington St. to cul-de-sac terminus.
Court Order Vol. 1139 p. 82
   12-22-75    Plat of Haas Subdivision No. 1 and Melody Lane as a portion thereof.
76-22    4-12-76    Certain portion of Prospect St.
76-34    6-14-76    Dewey Rd. from Cooper-Foster Park Rd. to relocated Ohio Route 2.
78-7    3-27-78    All of Royal Drive and Welk Lane in Plat of Sliman's Middle Ridge Allotment.
78-28    6-12-78    Certain lands dedicated in 1957 as park land.
82-49    11-8-82    Fairlane Dr.
85-14    2-11-85    Certain portion of Long St.
90-11    3-26-90    Portion of Prospect St.
90-47    8-27-90   Portion of Prospect St.
94-102    11-14-94    Portion of Collingwood Dr. and Heritage Dr.
96-79    9-23-96    Portion of Golden Russet Blvd.
03-29   2-24-03   Portion of Spruce Tree Lane.
15-20   7-13-15   Portion of Westlake Drive.
22-28   6-13-22   Portion of North Dewey Road.